Monday, March 15, 2010

Chapter 2: Lord benedict Emanuel VII

It was perhaps a sign of the times that pretensions should arise. Seeking to echo past glories, many leaders took the names of their forefathers.

Lord Benedict Emmanuel VII was such a one. Certainly, there were great deeds associated with the name Benedict Emanuel. Some have argued that the second was the greatest, though the deeds performed by Benedict Emanuel IV at the Battle of Emanuels Ascension were the sort of which legends are created and kingdoms won. Now, however, he seldom left the homelands, instead sending out his great-great Grandchild.

Be that as it may, Lord Benedict Emmanuel VII had proved his worth to the kingdom many times over. Now that the thirst to expand was upon King Emmanuel IV, he knew there was none better to lead his forces than his favored descendent.

Perhaps the easy successes that had led to his current status were on the mind of Lord Benedict Emmanuel VII when they encountered the small goblin force. The ritualistic prayer to the lady for protection upon the field of battle was hurried and perfunctory at best. After all, what had they to fear from a few Goblins?

Sunlight glinted off the brightly polished armor of the 20 Knights who rode with him, 10 of them accomplished Knights who had taken part in grail-related quests. The peasant bowmen, a motley rabble of perhaps 20 souls, had nothing bright to reflect the sunlight, but no matter...they were only peasants after all.

Once his Knights had swept forward and slain these goblins, there would be scant glory left for the likes of these peasants anyway.

He was about to gesture them forward when thunder peeled and a giant foot came down, smashing off their horses 3 of his Grail Knights.

Furious, he ordered the charge. The younger, less skilled Knights were distracted by some spider-mounted goblins off to his right and headed that way. The more disciplined Grail Knights rode forward towards some goblins carrying a motley assortment of weapons, mostly spears or broken-shafted halberds no doubt gleaned from some forgotten battlefield.

Again thunder peeled through the heavens and a giang, glowing green foot descended, again knocking down 3 of his Grail Knights.

At the same moment, the goblin Shaman called forth the mighty spirit that sometimes infused the goblins. With a bone-chilling war scream...or at least a wine-chilling war-squeak...they surged forward. Another Grail Knight fell to their frantic thrusts.

It was here that Lord Benedict Emmanuel VII proved his mettle.A lesser man, confronted by the fearful assault of magic that had wrecked his finest unit, might have quailed in fear and retreated to return better equipped to deal with the deadly magic of the goblin shaman and the surprisingly resilient goblin troops.

Emmanuel, however, went to work with lance and sword, hewing down goblins like so much wheat. Inspired by his mighty blows, the younger knights made short work of the Spider Riders, but before they could join the fray, the fury of Lord benedict Emmanuel VII broke the spirit of the goblins. They began to flee, but were quickly and easily run down by the well-mounted Grail Knights.

The only goblin left alive was the Goblin Shaman.

Furious at teh havoc he had wreaked with his dastardly spells, the remaining Grail Knights and Lord Benedict Emannuel VII turned their ferocious charge upon him, intent on wreaking vengeance for the harm he had caused their comrades...only to see him disappear in a cloud of smoke, perhaps never to be seen again.

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